Building certification functions


Building assessment and compliance certificates

Building approvals, BA, building certification, certifier approval and council approval are all terms commonly used to describe building assessment work and issuance of a compliance certificate as part of a building development approval. Building assessment work is a review to determine if your project complies with the building assessment provisions, which essentially comprise of 3 codes: the building code, the Queensland Development Code and your local authority’s planning scheme zone, overlay and development codes. If non-compliance is identified, we will advise and assist you in formulating compliance solutions suitable to you. Once compliance is achieved, the compliance certificate and building development approval are issued.


building assessment and compliance certificates
final inspection certificates


Final inspection certificates

Upon completion of all building work, we complete the final stage inspection to confirm the building work has been completed in accordance with the building development approval and complies with the building assessment provisions. Our inspections are completed by us, in person and on-site with a final inspection report issued to the builder detailing any areas of non-compliance, possible rectification solutions and a clear and comprehensible list of required certificates. Upon the rectification of any non-compliant items and the satisfactory provision of all certificates, the appropriate final inspection certificate; Form 11, Form 17 or Form 21 is issued to the landowner.


Facilitation of applications

Facilitate = make (an action or process) easy or easier.

Your project’s type and location may trigger additional assessments and require additional approvals to achieve building certification. Examples include, energy efficiency assessments, plumbing and drainage applications and referral applications for design and siting or building over or near sewer or stormwater infrastructure. We prepare, submit and obtain these additional assessments and approvals on your behalf as a result of maintaining strong industry relationships and our continued professional development and efficient systems. 

facilitation of applications