Who we are

Building Certifiers Brisbane

Building certifiers providing efficient building certification services for the residential construction industry through tailored service, built on relationships.

We provide our building certification services for all new building work for residential Class 1a and 10 buildings and structures up to three storeys in height throughout Brisbane and southeast Queensland.

The residential construction industry deserves better and we provide better through communication, education and efficiency.


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Because you deserve better

The residential construction industry deserves better when receiving building certification. Better means balance; balance between excess caution and irreverence in the interpretation and application of building legislation.

Non-compliance is not an obstacle, but an opportunity to communicate, collaborate and educate; an opportunity to problem solve and formulate realistic compliance solutions acceptable to the client.

We are looking to build relationships that extend beyond just a single project; a relationship where you come back, call with questions and provide referrals.

Our Vision

To provide efficient building certification services to the residential construction industry through tailored service, built on relationships.

Our Mission

  1. Start, grow and maintain collaborative and productive relationships with architects, building designers and builders.
  2. Share our knowledge and understanding of the building legislation at every opportunity.
  3. Seek efficiency in all processes through continuous review and revision.

Our 3 Codes

Communication – must be constant, consistent, clear and conveyed

We ensure our communication is continuous and informative, current and correct. To enable understanding, our communication is clear and the method appropriate for the content.

Education – show we know by supporting our communication with the relevant building legislation.

The building legislation is vast and requires a broad and in-depth knowledge obtained and maintained by attending CPD training, industry events, networking and continuous background reading. Whether the building legislation is clear, or, unclear and requires dissection, deeper understanding and broader interpretation to deduce its applicability, our thirst for an answer is the same.

Efficiency – question the why, to identify improvement opportunities and formulate solutions.

We believe processes can always be improved. We encourage our staff to not just complete a process, but think about why the process tasks exist and if and how they can be refined and improved. Whether modifying an existing process or building a new one, we are committed to making a strong investment and attain only the highest levels of efficiency, automation and streamlining to maximise speed and accuracy and minimise client workload input.


Building development approvals and inspections

Building approvals, BA, building certification, certifier approval and council approval are all terms commonly used to describe building assessment work and issuance of a compliance certificate as part of a building development approval. Building assessment work is a review to determine if your project complies with the building assessment provisions, which essentially comprise of 3 codes: the building code, the Queensland Development Code and your local authority’s planning scheme zone, overlay and development codes. If non-compliance is identified, we will advise and assist you in formulating compliance solutions suitable to you. Once compliance is achieved, the compliance certificate and building development approval are issued.

Upon completion of all building work, we complete the final stage inspection to confirm the building work has been completed in accordance with the building development approval and complies with the building assessment provisions. Our inspections are completed by us, in person and on-site with a final inspection report issued to the builder detailing any areas of non-compliance, possible rectification solutions and a clear and comprehensible list of required certificates. Upon the rectification of any non-compliant items and the satisfactory provision of all certificates, the appropriate final inspection certificate; Form 11, Form 17 or Form 21 is issued to the landowner.

who we are

Personable and professional

3 Codes: Building Certification is a Brisbane-based residential building certification company founded in 2020 by Gareth Martin, drawing upon 14 years of experience to start a new and exciting chapter in delivering building certification for all new building work for Class 1a and 10 buildings and structures up to three storeys in height.

At the core of our company is how to positively deliver a regulatory compliance function. The building legislation prescribes the who, the what, the where and the when; but does not prescribe the how, or the why. The goals of building certification; the building development approval and final inspection certificate and the legislative process to get there, are the same whoever you use; but it is how you reach those goals and understanding the why which makes the difference. That difference is us/3 Codes: Building Certification.

Under the Building Act 1975, new building work must be assessed against the building assessment provisions, which essentially comprise of three codes:

  • the National Construction Code
  • the Queensland Development Code
  • local authority’s planning scheme zone, overlay and development codes

Building certification is comprised of three codes. Building certification is three codes. 3 Codes: Building Certification.

For me, building certification combines an interest in the residential built environment of architecture, town planning, property and building code compliance; a penchant for meticulous document management and systemised processes; and a love of technology, all the while experiencing the satisfaction of helping clients, witnessing their excitement and receiving their thanks upon the approval or finalisation of their project’s building certification.

Gareth Martin | Director
B.Sc Building Surveying (Heriot Watt University)
Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) Accreditation No. 7164
Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Licence No. A1159633
(Class A Development Approval Endorsement and Private Certification Endorsement)


Facilitation of applications

Facilitate = make (an action or process) easy or easier.

Your project’s type and location may trigger additional assessments and require additional approvals to achieve building certification. Examples include, energy efficiency assessments, plumbing and drainage applications and referral applications for design and siting or building over or near sewer or stormwater infrastructure. We prepare, submit and obtain these additional assessments and approvals on your behalf as a result of maintaining strong industry relationships and our continued professional development and efficient systems.